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UFW Version (Latest: 3.1)

Latest Version (3.1) download link:


UFW Version patchlog:


Add-ons (8MB patch & BGM)

8MB Patch for Warcraft III Garena (Required to play as map exceeds 8MB):

8MB Patch (Garena)

8MB Patch for Warcraft III Battlenet and General Bypass:

8MB Patch (Battlenet and General)

BGM Sound Pack:

(Simply extract using WinRAR and throw everything into Warcraft folder, run the Soundpack.exe file first to get the songs, and after that run the soundpack.reg)

Sound Pack

Site News

  • [30 Jan 2017] F/A UFW version 3.1 uploaded!

Download links on the frontpage has been updated. The wiki is still outdated though.

Thank you Dun for your efforts. You will be missed!

  • [01 Jan 2017] DunBlameMe is stepping down from wiki updates.

Hi guys, DunBlameMe here. I have no time at all anymore for wiki due to a very busy life and work, so I hope that anyone that has the time to update the character information page, please go ahead. Just to inform everyone on it. So sorry about it.

  • [25 Sep 2016] F/A UFW version 2.5B + normal version 3.0N uploaded!

As stated in title... for patchlogs, DunBlameMe will not be translating for 3.0N as the Taiwan translator has left his job (Yes, he only translate from chinese as it is too much effort for him). For wiki page wise, as there is still the problem of 2 versions, he will not be updating individual servant pages till further notice.

  • [13 Jul 2016] F/A tournament organised by l46kok

There is a tournament for F/A going on in Battlenet since 9th July 2016. Sorry for the late update, as I have been really busy with real-life work and other games as well. 1st prize is USD350. Below are the link for tournament team and schedules. You can also watch the livestream during that day on either or

Tournament team composition

Tournament schedule & results

  • [13 Jul 2016] F/A UFW version 1.2 released + Update of links!

Greetings to all, Clan UFW has released their own version as they felt the normal version 3.0 was kind of imbalanced. I have included the download link and patchlog to the left of this page.

I have also tidied up the main page as well as re-uploaded an easy-to-use version of BGM soundpack.

  • [13 Jul 2016] F/A normal version 3.0H released!

F/A normal version 3.0H has been released. However, the Taiwan translator has stopped translating and therefore, I am unable to translate from his non-existent chinese patchlog. I have included the download link for both 3.0E and 3.0H in the event any of you want to go along with the patchlogs and don't know what is going on in 3.0H.

  • [18 April 2016] F/A version 3.0E released with patchlog added!

Credits to: sky_walker, page1234, buack0596 (For assistance in my translation)

Patchlog and download link for version 3.0E has been added. There is an issue with Avenger which I will be checking back soon. I will not be updating the individual servant page till further notice, especially with them removing and re-adding attributes (Until Taiwan side releases TW F/A map for me to double check), however I have split up the patchlogs for easier referencing. The un-applied ones is the Patchlog (3.0).

for older news: Site News Archive

New Players

see full article: New Player Guide

If you're new to the game, then take a good read around the wikia before playing. A good place to start would be to read the New Player Guide, linked above.

Where to Play

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W3Fate Cafe - Official Korean site for Fate / Another, requires Naver account to view pages on it. Latest versions and patchlogs are posted here, in Korean.

Clan UFW - US East clan for Fate / Another.

Taiwan Chinese - site for Fate / Another, translates directly from Korean to Chinese. Translated versions of the map(Chinese) can be found here.

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