This page contains information on the Stat Point system in Fate/Another.
Stat Point Command Card

Stat Addition

Stat PointsEdit

Stat points can be seen by the number of charges on the "Plus" icon in your Stat Addition(F3)'s inventory.

Stat points are used in Fate/Another to increase various attributes of your servant. The following is a list of attributes they can increase. Book mana regen refers to Gilles De Rais and replaces damage as he has no attack.

Hotkey Attribute Special
Q Strength
W Agility
E Intelligence
R Damage (Book mana regen) Each point adds 3 (2)
A Armour Each point adds 2
S HP Regen Each point adds 2
D MP Regen
X Movespeed Each point adds 5
V Gold Increases income by 2 gold.

There is a limit of 50 points per attribute, with 2 exceptions Gilles De Rais Prelati's Spellook mana regen can only be increased 25 times and gold can only be increased 8 times. Each increase of any attribute costs 1 Stat point.

Stat Points can also be used to purchase special, servant-specific attributes, accessed through the angel icon(Hotkey Z). For more information, view the respective servants' pages.

Every Command Spell has a Stat point cost.

Gaining Stat PointsEdit

4 Stat points are gained on levelling up.

10 Stat points are gained every 10 minutes.

1 Stat point is gained for losing a round in Team Deathmatch.

12 Stat points can be gained from God Help